COVID-19 Status Update: Now Open

Thank you for visiting Langewisch Psychology Services. We are now able to fully open to accommodate our existing patients.

Due to overwhelming demand for our services, we are not taking on any new patients or clients for our therapy services. Thank you for your interest.

Masks/PPE Update: All visitors and patients to our office are still required to wear masks.

Welcome to Langewisch Psychology

Langewisch Psychology Services is a practice that prides itself on offering both experience (over 30 years of clinical experience among our psychologists) and relative youth and enthusiasm (including up-to-date methods and knowledge within the field of psychology research and application of services) in providing the community with mental health assessment, treatment, and consultation needs.

Our providers are all licensed through the College of Psychologists of Ontario guaranteeing professional, confidential, and assured quality service.


Based in Belleville and serving the Quinte area, Langewisch Psychology offers you help with a wide variety of issues including, stress and anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, self harm, health issues, eating disorders, personality difficulties, trauma / abuse, loss/bereavement, panic attacks, psychotherapy, counseling, phobias and much more.

Best Psychologist in Belleville

We are pleased to announce that we have been selected as two of the three best rated psychologists in Belleville.

Best Psychologists in Belleville

Thanks to the diversity and training of our psychologists we offer a wide variety of services for all ages. Please see the “Our Services” tab for details

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